Washington Post: McAuliffe’s business partners under scrutiny amid federal inquiry into GreenTech

As federal investigators probe whether top U.S. government officials gave special treatment to Terry McAuliffe’s company GreenTech Automotive, the controversy has shed light on lobbying efforts by McAuliffe and two of his Northern Virginia business partners.

One is Anthony D. Rodham, a brother of former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton. The other is GreenTech co-founder and chief executive Xiaolin “Charles” Wang, a lawyer with expertise in trade law and foreign investment who said he has second thoughts about going into business with a politician.

Much of the public scrutiny of the GreenTech investigation has centered on McAuliffe because he is running for Virginia governor this year. But the investigation has also shone a light on the company itself — and on other people associated with it, including Rodham and Wang.

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