The Franklin Pellets Story

Franklin, Virginia located in southeastern Virginia’s South Hampton County, is surrounded by forests.  For years, a huge paper mill provided a multitude of jobs for local residents and was the heart of the local economy until it announced in 2009 that it would be shutting down.

Within a year, Terry McAuliffe announced his latest idea, a green company that would come to be known as Franklin Pellets. The plan he outlined was to create a wood pellet factory within the paper mill that would export pellets around the world.  On his green jobs road show, McAuliffe has repeatedly talked about the company as though it has already taken control of the mill, produced pellets and is providing the city’s residents with jobs.

However, despite these lofty claims from McAuliffe, Franklin Pellets at the IP Mill site does not appear to exist. The paper mill produces no wood pellets and residents in Franklin are shocked and offended by McAuliffe’s claims.